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We all have everyday struggles in life which are called storms. There are a few ways to survive storms, however, there is only one way to defeat storms. In this novel, the chosen ones are on a quest to not only survive but to defeat “A World of Storms.” As the young men enter this world, they meet other people that have their own experiences. They each have life threatening injuries which causes them to enter this world. These storms are continuous and very dangerous. All survivors are given great powers and abilities by surviving the storms. For the people that are stuck in this world of violent storms, safety, food and resources for survival are limited. All survivors have rules to follow and if the rules are violated then there are fatal consequences. There are three chosen survivors on this journey, and they must find each other to combine their powers to defeat the storms. In this world, they found a new direction and strength to deal with the storms. The new strength that’s discovered in this world is based on one word and one word alone. Do they have what it takes to survive the storms, or do they run out of time to complete this mission?

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My goal is to inspire young children while teaching the importance of paying attention at all times. 

Do you pay attention to your surroundings? If not, it is very important that you do so. Billy, Jimmy and Malcolm didn't pay attention nor listened to instructions very well. They should be aware of the recycle truck and all of the dangers of their surroundings. Their lack of attention taught them the importance of paying attention to their surroundings at all times. Would a lack of attention cause them a ride to the recycling bin?

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The Nerve of Willow

In this work of fiction, Willow is a star football player that has everything going for him. Football is his joy, as he has what it takes to get to the next level. He has a special ability, which is related to his nerve problem. If Willow becomes nervous, supernatural events will take place. One bad choice has put him in a situation where he needs fast money to fix a problem. Everything takes a turn for the worst as he faces opportunity, crime, and betrayal. Will he choose to stay on the right path or would he lose focus and stop chasing his dream?

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In the beginning there was lighting, heavy rain, and fire, which created an event known as “the Waste.” The event occurred every thirty years with the sacrifice of humans. There were also creatures known as “waste walkers.” The waste walkers had taken over humanity and were looking to welcome the next Waste event after thirty years. Tavares (Tank) Johnson and his family moved to this small town to have a fresh start. Strange things started happening, and the people seemed abnormal. His family came up missing and he was on a mission to find answers. Tank’s faith and trust were tested. Would he find the answers that he was looking for, or would the Waste occur and destroy everything known to mankind?  

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send them my way—I thrive on constructive criticism.

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I write books to change lives. There are positive messages in all of my books regardless of the trials and tribulations. I value each and every fan of my work. Without you, I am nothing. God bless!

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